Climbing uphill…

So… today was a fairly normal day, well, as normal as a day can get in a foreign country… it got colder all of a sudden though. The only new thing about today was ballet.

I was registered for advanced ballet, and I had a lot of staff members tell me to get someone to walk me there… I figured it couldn’t be too hard to find, but I decided to ask Zach anyway, and he walked me down there. When I mean down there, I mean, DOWN THERE. The studio is a private Italian dance studio that is allowing American students to take classes in their regularly scheduled ones, so there were a few American students among a bunch of Italians, which is interesting… the class was in mostly Italian, with french vocab (because, well, it’s ballet), and a bit of English when we didn’t understand. It was wayyy down the mountain (at least, further down than I’d been). It was definitely a 20-ish minute walk from my apartment there, but on the way, not so bad, just steep downhill. Then we immediately had a 1 and a half hour class which made me sweat a little but wasn’t too difficult, and then I had to climb the mountain again. Geez. It was horrendous! By the time I got back to my apartment, my legs were shaking. I’m not used to hiking up mountains, especially in heels (which was my own fault) and after hour and a half ballet classes. Anyway. It was more funny than anything…

In addition, my Mac battery has decided to stop working which is funny because I just got my MacBook in August. So. Anyway, I took it up to the school and they are going to order me a new one which should be free because my computer is under warranty and take care of everything since I don’t know computer lingo in Italian.

Other than that, I have a good amount of homework, two classes tomorrow, and Tandem Student Exchange at night, which is when the American students hang out with the Italian students from another school who are trying to learn English and we just sit and talk and work on our language. And in just a few minutes we’re going to go down the street about 100 yards to one of the best pizzerias in Perugia… if you order a meter-long pizza you get a free bottle of wine and we here at Corso Garibaldi 76 are definitely in favor of the free bottle of wine, as well as leftover pizza… because how much of a dent can four girls make in a meter long pizza? We had the pizza the first night and… wow. It’s fabulous. Nothing like American pizza… well, actually it’s EXACTLY like American pizza, just incredible. It’s lighter, but more satisfying, less greasy. Actually, though, Italians usually only consider pizza to be a snack– if you ask an Italian what they had for lunch, they might say “Geez I’m so hungry, all I had was pizza for lunch.” If they haven’t had pasta, they haven’t eaten. And, when they eat their pizza, they fold it in half and eat it with the crust on the top and the bottom like a sandwich. So many funny things. Also, you don’t have to leave a tip here- they don’t expect it.

Anyway. I’m starving… we eat a LOT and actually have all lost weight because we walk sooo much… anyway, I’m sure we’ll get used to the walking and stop eating so much. We’re eating healthy other than the occasional pizza, though. And… well, a lot of espresso. (Yes, mom, I know it’s addictive and I know I shouldn’t drink so much.)

Love you guys. Write me, please. Ciao!


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