Italian Noises

My neighbors are loud all the time and because we have brick walls covered in plaster (where it is still in tact), banging on the walls does almost no good, yet, amazingly, I still hear every word they say. However, I know this is difficult to fathom but I cannot for the life of me figure out which door is theirs, or if they are even in my building, in order to bang on the door to say “PER FAVORE! Potete non essere MOLTO MOLTO FORTE TUTTO IL GIORNO E TUTTA LA SERA E TUTTA LA NOTTE?!?!?!” which means please, can you not be so, so loud all the day and all the evening and all the night?!

I think actually right now they are arguing. Which is not surprising. I hear the girl yelling, throwing (yes throwing) things, and the occasional frustrated scream. Every now and then the man gets a word in.

They have a love-hate relationship, and trust me when I say, we hear all, ALL of both sides… so much for privacy?!

Geez, now she is crying. It never ends. *sigh*

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