Here Comes the Sun, doo doo doo doo

Well, last night, the neighbors weren’t exactly quiet but fortunately (or unfortunately), it was raining so extremely hard that I couldn’t hear them. Our outside shutters weren’t closed yet when it started raining, but it was pouring so hard that I couldn’t even consider opening the windows to close the shutters, so they banged and banged… I was impressed that no water got inside, but there were little hail pellets on my windowsill when it finally calmed down enough to close the shutters. If you’ve seen Under the Tuscan Sun, the storm in it is no exaggeration… weather patterns here seem to be anything but mild. This morning, we got up and as per usual donned our sweaters, scarves, gloves, heavy coats… but walked outside to an almost-balmy morning. As the day progressed it got even warmer, and after ballet I walked home with my coat in hand and wished I wasn’t wearing tights and leggings under my skirt and tall boots. Anyway, I am sure it wasn’t actually that warm, per se, but the wind ceased for once, the sun came out, and I didn’t feel like my fingers would freeze off at any moment.

Tomorrow morning I will once again brave the Perugian APM bus #87 to the San Marco district to see Signora Carmen Gonzalez for voice lessons… this time, without Anna. I’m a little nervous, so I’m hopping in bed earlier than usual (although it’s hard to get much earlier than 10:30) to ensure proper vocal rest.

I’ve been taking it easy this afternoon on account of some more dizziness and vertigo, simply the remains of pneumonia lingering around… I watched a few of the first episodes of That 70s Show and giggled, remembering watching them with my daddy several years ago and laughing so hard together. It’s a funny show.

I also found out today that for my first weekend of spring break in Barcelona, some of my music theatre Elon friends are going to meet up with me! They are studying in Madrid, so I am so extraordinarily excited to see them. Seriously, almost cried! Also, high school boyfriend Daniel will be in Italy at the end of April for a wedding and I will definitely get to see him, as well, which is equally enthralling.

Anyway… I’m off! Buona Notte!!!

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