un’altro lezione di voce, San Valentino, e Venezia…

This week has absolutely flown by… it was overall a very busy week, but I can’t believe it’s over already! Time here flies. It’s insane. In a few minutes I’ll start packing for Venice. Let’s see… well, the night after the loud-neighbor entry, I thought surely they’d be quiet for a night, and they were, but a dog sat beneath my window and barked until about 2 am, which was funny in that not-so-funny way. So I dragged my matress in the kitchen and slept there. Great.

That is how my Valentine’s Day started, in the kitchen… as I got my things together for school and voice lessons, I realized I couldn’t find my wallet so I got nice and panicky for a couple hours. After a few very confusing conversations with various store owners, a bus ride to Carmen’s for my voice lesson, and three Saint Anthony chants (Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony please come around, something has been lost that cannot be found), it turned up where else, but in my book bag. Fabulous. Anyway, the bus ride was fine, fortunately, and the climb up the mountain to Carmen’s was, if nothing else, not rainy. We had a wonderful hour and a half together. We worked hard and she gave me a few new arias to work on, not easy ones either. It’s going really well. She is amazing. I love more than anything when she points to her photos on the wall and says, “Questo! Io!” As in, this is me singing this part. I adore it.

The day turned up from there. Anna and I had an appointment at Ranieri with the curator, Claudia (in Italy, that name is common and is pronounced “klow-dya” which is beautiful). She gave us a much more extensive history of the family, the museum and library, and its pieces… it was great. Also, since it is still a private establishment, we have the whole thing to ourselves when we want to just sit and work, and we are also allowed to go there anytime we want since we work for them. It’s really wonderful. I adore the opportunity. After Ranieri, we got some Valentine’s Day gelato (well, just gelato, in honor of Valentine’s Day) and then upon going to Practicum discovered that Anna’s boyfriend had sent her brownies through Sweet Perugia. This is a company in which our family and friends can order things like American brownies, cookies, and cakes to be made for us because one of the faculty members here special orders those things.. it’s a smart little business and if you think I need some cookies or brownies or cake, you just hop on over to http://www.sweetperugia.com and I will not complain. 🙂 Haha! We only spent a few minutes in practicum talking to our professor about our project plans and a few interviews we will conduct with the Bourbon di Sorbello/Ranieri families… yes, the Bourbons as in THE Bourbons… amazing. Every new thing I learn about this family, I just about fall over.

Anyway, there was a Valentine’s Day TANDEM which is basically a little chat mixer organized by our school where Italian students come and practice their English on us and we practice our Italian on them, but mostly there was free bread and nutella, hot chocolate, and Baci. And Italian boys. It was fun, and after that, we decided that nothing would end the day better than some Italian Chinese food. Let me tell you, ordering Chinese food in Italian is an interesting affair, but it is quite good. Anyway, this has not been the healthiest of weeks, and after I return from Venice, things must change!

So tomorrow morning we are heading to Venice for the famous tradition of Carnivale, which has been going on for almost a week already and ends on Martedi Grassi (Fat Tuesday). I’m only staying for one night, but it should be a wonderful (and probably crazy) time.

Anna and I are taking a Eurostar train at 8:45 tomorrow morning and it lasts about 6 hours… not too bad, really. Originally we planned on stopping in Verona but changed our minds. So, Venezia, andiamo!

I’m sure there will be pictures… hopefully there will be no bad situations. Some friends of ours went last weekend and were mugged and then later on, saw the guy, chased him down, and had to beat him up (in their own defense) because he pulled a knife on them… so now they have to go back this weekend to testify. I feel bad for them. So we are a bit apprehensive but we will be very careful!

Love you all. 🙂

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